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Bottled Alkaline Water

Bottled Water flowing - Bottled Alkaline WaterAs a supplier of Premium Grade Alkaline Water, we believe in providing only the healthiest water. And as a trusted as a true Alkaline Water bottled provider, we make sure our water has the features of a true Alkaline Water product such as:



  • A pH level as high as or higher than 9.5
  • Be a good antioxidant
  • It will be micro-clustered - a superior hydrator
  • It will be structured - living water

Start drinking healthier water today!

Benefits of our Bottled Alkaline Water

  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Fights inflammation and free radicals
  • Increases immunity and energy levels
  • Detoxify the body from toxins
  • High in Alkaline Minerals and Bicarbonates to buffer acid in the body

Learn more about Alkaline Water here.

*Our Bottled water meets the highest safety and quality standards available.



R4.57 (Incl. VAT) Bottled Water
  • Single Unit


R5.15 (incl. VAT) Bottled Water
  • Single Unit


R8.66 (Incl. VAT) Bottled Water
  • Single Unit


R20.00 (Incl. VAT) Bottled Water
  • Single Unit

For wholesale quantities, request a quote


R3.05 (Incl. VAT) Bottled Water
  • Wholesale Qty - 200


R5.15 (incl. VAT) Bottled Water
  • Wholesale Qty - 200


R5.70 (Incl. VAT) Bottled Water
  • Wholesale Qty - 100


R13.28 (Incl. VAT) Bottled Water
  • Wholesale Qty - 50

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PBA Free - Bottled Alkaline - Branded Water Water


"Designer Water was recommended by my doctor. I used to drink water, but now I drink a lot more. I love the way it feels in my tummy. It helps me with my stomach problems and constipation. It has helped relieve my joint pain as the doctor promised. I use to geet a lot of headaches and now I don’t get them anymore. I even take my 3 litres of water with me on the Gautrain to make sure I get enough. I can’t live without my water. I’m always telling my friends at work about it but they think water is water." Lea, PTA North

"Oh my word Heather……………I am so overwhelmed right now. Just when it seems like doors are being shut in our faces all over. I cannot express my gratitude. Please just give me till early next when all details are finalised. Please tell Mr. Thompson I say thank you very much from the bottom of my heart…………….and thanks to you as well" Cancer Sponsorship, Debbie Keyser 

“We truly appreciate the services provided, by designer waters and its wonderful personnel. Looking at all the other products you have I am sure we will be communicating again soon” Mamphiswana ND 

I drive all the way from Roodepoort to Pretoria to buy Designer Water, I have been doing it for months and will continue doing so.” Bob Walker Campbell – Gauteng

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