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Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Here are a few FAQ's to assist you, or contact us for further assistance.

Which level of Alkaline Ionized Water should I start with when drinking if for the first time?

You should start with alkaline water at level 1, pH 8.5. After about 1 week, then proceed to drink at level 2, pH 9.0 and drink it regularly. For those who have certain chronic conditions associated with over-acidity, or who are very active in sports, you may want to drink at level 3, pH 9.5 after about 1 to 2 weeks.

How should I expect to feel after I start drinking Alkaline Ionized Water?

The majority of our customers have stated that they (1) felt more energized, (2) experienced improved bowel movements, (3) and had better skin health within the first few weeks of drinking Alkaline Water. Many customers with certain chronic health conditions also reported improvements in their condition within 3 to 6 months.ilitis.

Is it alright to let a baby drink Alkaline Ionized Water?

Yes, It is perfectly fine to let a baby drink alkaline water. If you use mild alkaline ionized water to prepare a baby’s formula milk, the properties of the milk become closer to that of the breast milk. Research showed that a baby who drinks his/her mother’s breast milk is less likely to fall ill; and breast milk is mildly alkaline.

How much water should I drink each day?

Basically, you should always aim to drink at least 2 litres of water each day. Depending on your personal circumstances, you may need to drink more than this. For a person with chronic disease, who consumes excessive amounts of alcohol, who smokes, those who work outdoors in the sun or athletes may require as much as 3 to 4 litres per day. Medically, there is no set amount of water that should be consumed each day. Water is an essential requirement for metabolic function. Dr. Young recommends 1 liter for every 15kg if you have a chronic condition you are trying to improve or 1 litre for every 25kg for maintenace.

I don't enjoy drinking water, especially cold water. What should I do?

You may boil Alkaline Water before consuming it. Or drink it room temperature. You can also use Alkaline Water with your favourite beverages.

The human stomach is an acidic environment. How can drinking Alkaline water be veneficial if our stomach acid only "neutralises" the water?

Yes, stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) is acidic.  However, it is secreted only when food is ingested and, hence, our stomach does not produce this acid all the time.

Each time stomach acid (at pH 2.0) is produced, the pancreas secretes bicarbonate alkaline substances to neutralise the stomach acid so that pancreatic enzymes can work properly. Normally, after eating, there are transient changes in the blood pH, known as the acid and alkaline tides, that correspond to the stomach and pancreatic secretions. Usually the pH of the blood quickly returns to normal.  However, more and more people are suffering from digestive problems where digestive secretions are out of balance due to the insufficient secretion of pancreatic bicarbonates, which is a major cause of over-acidity in the body.

Hence, many of our customers have noted that drinking alkaline water does help aid digestion.

Can I boil Alkaline Water? Will it lose its efficacy/end result?

You can certainly boil Alkaline Water. The Alkaline Water will retain its alkalinity and the water molecules will still be micro-clustered. However, the positive ions may be reduced due to oxidation.  Alkaline Water at level 4 is especially recommended for boiling/cooking of soups, rice, and stew as it helps to reduce acidity in these foods. You will be glad to know that Alkaline Water also makes tea and coffee taste better!

What are the uses of the acidic water?

There are many uses for the acidic water, depending on the level of acidity. In general, it is a natural astringent and sanitizer. You can use it as a toner, refresher for your face/body, or use it to rinse fruits, vegetables and meat. Beauticians are known to use acidic water for their many beauty treatments both for your skin and your hair. You can also use it for sanitizing chopping boards, cooking utensils in the kitchen, or soiled clothes, table cloths etc.

How should I store my Alkaline water?

It is best to take Alkaline Water directly from the ionizer. However, for practical reasons, you may store the water in an air-tight container to prevent it from losing its negative ions. It is best to use a glass container or a BPA-free plastic container to prevent plastic leaching into your drinking water. Alkaline Water, when stored, is best consumed within 2 days.

Do i need to change anything in the Ionizer once I start using it?

The Chanson ionizer is built to dispense Alkaline Water consistently over time. There is no need to change the electrolysis plates since the Chanson Water Ionizers are built with Double-dipped, plates that are 99.9% titanium coated with platinum. These will last for approximately 30 years. However, the filters will need to be changed from time-to-time. The filters are designed to last for up to 9 000 litres.

How do I know when to change the Filters?

The display panel on the Chanson Water Ionizer indicates the lifespan of the filter.

Do I need to do any other maintenance?

The Chanson ionizer is designed to be self-cleaning and this can take place at different litre intervals. For optimum performance, we recommend a citric acid clean, which can easily be done at home on an annual basis. It can also be sent in to us.

Do I need to switch the Ionizer off when it is not in use?

The Chanson ionizer is designed to go onto an intelligent “standby” mode when not in use. This helps save electricity. Hence there is no need to shut the ionizer down when not in use. However, if you are going away for a couple of days or weeks, it is recommended that you turn the machine off and shut the water supply to the ionizer. When you return, simply turn on the ionizer and the self-cleaning process will be activated.

The Ionizer can also dispense "Purified Water" and "Acidic Water", what are these for?

A Chanson ionizer provides the luxury of choice. The high quality purified water can be used to take prescription medication like tablets and capsules prescribed by a doctor. Purified water goes through the filter and NO ionization takes place. This will avoid any possible interaction between the water and the medication. The Chanson ionizer also allows you to dispense Acidic Water (good for skin and hair) and this is commonly used in the kitchen for sanitization. However, it should be noted that this is not the main use of the ionizer.

Will I accedentally drink Acide Water if I forget to switch back to Alkaline water after dispensing Acidic Water? Waht if a child meddles with the setting?

The Chanson ionizer will always revert to the default of dispensing Alkaline Water at a safe level of pH 9.5 even if you forget to switch over or a child meddles with it. There is very little risk of consuming the Acidic Water by accident. The Chanson ionizer also has a lock function so you can lock the unit on your most frequently used pH setting.

What will happen if I dring the Acidic Water accidentally?

The pH of the Acidic Water is set at a safe level and will not cause severe and /or immediate harm to the body. However, long term consumption of Acidic Water (such as carbonated drinks) is of course detrimental to one’s health.

What is the best level of Alkaline Water to drink each day?

Typically, any level between pH 8.5 – 9.5 is good to drink. For making soups or cooking rice, you may want to use pH10. There is really no need to go beyond pH10 as advocated by some other brands in the market.

Why do I see sand-like particles gathering at the side of my bottle/jar after sometime?

Do not be alarmed.  This is the same sand-like particles you would see if you are using a steam iron.  There are minerals present in our water supply and when left to sit in our bottle / jar, these particles become visible.

Just as you would use white vinegar (or citrus salt) to wash these sand-like particles off the sole-plate of your steam iron, do the same to your bottle / jar about once every 2 weeks. These minerals are safe for drinking. The higher the level of ionization, the higher the concentration of minerals, thereby making these even more visible.

You may like to know that using Acidic Water in your steam iron will help you prevent scaling on the sole-plate.

If you are using the ionizers for commercial water refilling, your daily usage will be many times more than that required by the average home.  As such, you would need to activate a daily clean cycle as well as a monthly clean cycle. Please contact your local franchise office for cleaning Instructions when using Chanson ionizers for commercial filling purposes.

Is it okay to take in lots of hydrogen by drinking hydrogen water?

Yes, hydrogen has zero toxicity even at very high levels inside the body. The excess hydrogen will simply dissipate out of the body.  

How does hydrogen water taste?

Hydrogen water has the same taste and smell to regular water. However, some people can sense that the water is “wetter” and some report that hydrogen water tastes better than normal water.  

Can hydrogen water be used to cook food?

Hydrogen water can be used to cook food. However because hydrogen is a gas, if the hydrogen water is heated, the hydrogen will dissipate more quickly. Therefore, it would be ideal to drink the water soon after it is processed in order to intake the maximum amount of hydrogen.  

How long is hydrogen stored in the water once it is processed?

We have determined that the half-life of the hydrogen in the water is about 6 hours. Every 6 hours the amount of hydrogen in the water will reduce to half. If you would like to take hydrogen water with you, it is best to store the water in a stainless steel or aluminium water bottle.  

Does the antioxidant capacity of our bodies decrease as we age?

This is a sad but true fact. Normally our cells have antioxidant systems to take care of a small amount of free radicals. As we age, however, years and years of free radical damage has decreased the efficiency of these antioxidant systems, causing free radicals to run even more rampant.  

Why do we need to drink hydrogen water?

Many people take antioxidants to curb the damage caused by free radicals inside the body. Some of the antioxidants taken include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, and Glutathione among others. These antioxidants have some benefits, but they are mostly ineffective due to their size and absorbability issues. Hydrogen is not only the most powerful antioxidant, it is also the smallest antioxidant, able to penetrate deep into cells and take care of free radicals at the source. By drinking hydrogen water daily, we can reduce much of the oxidative stress caused by free radicals, allowing our cells to work more efficiently and allowing us to live healthier lives.  

Is it safe for children?

For neonates (up to around 1 year old), since they drink mother’s milk or milk, their intestinal movements are different from those of adults and so alkaline ionized water is not recommended. However, when they start eating the same foods as adults, there would be no problems basically for them to drink alkaline ionized water.

If a person without gastrointestinal symptoms drink it, wouldn’t it neutralize the person’s stomach acid?

Unlike acid-control medicines, the acid controlling capability of alkaline ionized water is extremely mild so that it is hard for the water to neutralize stomach acids to cause harmful effects. Alkaline ionized water does not show any immediate effect but a protective slow effect by continuing constant drinking.  

Can I use it to make milk for my baby?

For babies or neonates, we do not recommend alkaline ionized water since their intestinal movements are different from those of normal adults.  

Is it safe for pregnant and parturient women?

Hydrogen water contains high antioxidant properties and has no side effects whatsoever on the body. Therefore, pregnant women can drink the hydrogen water without worry. Hydrogen water can actually help the mother and the baby have healthier lives. No reports of specific problems concerning this matter have been made. However, if there are any symptoms, please consult your doctor. When consulting your doctor, please tell your doctor the following 3 points regarding alkaline ionized water:

1) Improvement effects against gastrointestinal symptoms (chronic diarrhoea, indigestion, abnormal fermentation in stomach and intestines, acid control, and acid indigestion) have been approved for alkaline ionized water.

2) It is a weakly alkaline water obtained by electrolysis.

3) Contents of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, etc. are higher than those of tap water.

Can I drink down medicines with alkaline ionized water?

For drinking down medicines, purified water should be used. Since alkaline ionized water itself has approved beneficial effects, its use with other medicines should be avoided.

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