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"Designer Water has helped me with weight loss, it gives my family energy and makes them feel good. It has also helped with my son’s pimples" Victor Moeti 

"Designer Water was recommended by my doctor. I used to drink water, but now I drink a lot more. I love the way it feels in my tummy. It helps me with my stomach problems and constipation. It has helped relieve my joint pain as the doctor promised. I use to geet a lot of headaches and now I don’t get them anymore. I even take my 3 litres of water with me on the Gautrain to make sure I get enough. I can’t live without my water. I’m always telling my friends at work about it but they think water is water." Lea, PTA North

“I drink alkaline water produced from the Chanson machine’s, the Alkaline water gives me energy and concentration to work till late at night, I have been drinking Alkaline water for 5 years.” Aqua Vitality – Jean Bekker

“Just to let you know that my wife and I have used the Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer for several years. We are very happy that we bought it. It has helped both of us health wise.  We use it every day, for drinking, to make tea or my coffee. Even if I get an upset stomach or indigestion after eating, I drink a full glass of water and it settles my stomach. Our tea and coffee tastes much better with the alkaline water. My wife says it helps her with her complexion. We at times also use the acid water to disinfect our vegetables. Overall we are very happy with our water ionizer.  thanks.” David and Alice Esquivel

"I would really want to say thank you for assisting us in such short notice, the new labels look amazing we are really happy with the result and level of service we have received from you. Please convey this message to all relevant people. Thank you." Steven Skinner, Operations Manager, Stay City 

“Thank you for the recent service and assistance with getting my branded water done in time. I was incredibly impressed by the efficiency of your service, the effectiveness of your communication and the quality of the product. We may not be a large customer but Adventure Works Africa is now a loyal one. Thank you for your great service in a society where this is hard to find.  Kind regards” Kobus