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Earthing testimonials

See what people from around the world think about this exciting new technology.

  • Recovering from a knee replacement it has helped my circulation in my leg, eased the pain and helps me sleep through the night.
  • Decided after hearing how friends like earthing to get this Earthing Half Sheet. I have had chronic inflammation of soft tissue and resulting knife like pain 24/7 for years. Within days, the inflammation and pain were gone. We wash it in Woolite on gentle cycle and line dry. It holds up well. Also bought this because it balances out your adrenals and blood sugar, both of which are health issues for me. Works wonders.
  • This earthing sheet along with other grounding products has changed my life. I would recommend anyone who has problems with pain to give an Earthing product a chance.
  • How can I be sure? I really wanted deeper more restful sleep. There are some nights when sleep still eludes me, but there are other nights when I feel more refreshed. So I'm getting possibly 50% improvement. I did buy a tester kit to be sure the ground is getting to the sheet which was helpful for my peace of mind that it's working. The tester, of course, is a separate product and it did not come with instructions, so be aware of that. Definitely sleeping better, no more waking up at 2:30/3 every morning. I am also in better mood. My daughter is having fewer headaches.
  • I have arthritis of the spine and getting out of bed in the AM was very difficult until I started sleeping on my Earthing sheet. Now I can get out of bed and start the day without pain patches or pills, no more leg cramps...Life is good!
  • What a great way to be grounded for hours at a time! We have this along the bottom of our bed on the fitted sheet so that our bare legs/ feet are on it all night. I can actually walk normal in the morning rather than like my grandmother as I was doing before the grounding sheet! This is washable in cold water w/ mild detergent and they recommend washing it regularly. Washing does not ruin it! What an easy way to feel better and be healthier! I bought another one for my Mother who used the Earthing Mat and was thrilled that her leg cramps stopped and she started sleeping longer. I think the half sheet will be more convenient and she won't have to keep moving it from her bed to her recliner!
  • Ever since I had a wrist I couldn't use, there was so much pain. This was in 2008, I think. Someone told me about earthing; I got an "under-desk" pad. NO KIDDING! The night it came, I put my sock feet on it, and within 15 minutes the agony in my wrist was gone! Glory to God and the Healing through His earth!
  • We've been sleeping on half sheets for years. Aches and pains disappear overnight! We needed a new one because the old ones have been washed so much.
  • Two of my friends recommended that I get the Earthing sheet, since I wasn't getting enough REM sleep. At first I was sceptical, it seemed a bit pricey, then I purchased & set it up... The directions show large pictures & make it super easy to set up. Once I fall asleep, I feel more at peace. And, it helps with my husband’s restless leg syndrome, as he is no longer kicking all night. What a relief!
  • My husband and I slept amazing the first few nights. Not sure why it is not the same now. I have more vivid dreams and my neck that has bothered me for years is not nearly as bad as it was.
  • Since using the earthing sheet my boyfriend has experienced a much deeper sleep, does not need to get up to go to the bathroom and feels re-energized upon awakening. I have needed less hours of sleep to function throughout the day.
  • Major Fibromyalgia and great total body pain most days. So far after 2 months I still have pain but a little more energy. Pray for me.
  • This earthing product does what it says it will do. I could detect a difference from the from the first night that I used it. And the pain in my lower back and quads has diminished every night since. I would give the inventor of this product and those who had anything to do with its development a 5 star rating.
  • I was somewhat sceptical about the whole Earthing concept, but decided to try it out anyway. In less than two weeks I was sleeping noticeably better, AND my circulation had much improved. I always had cold hands and feet, even at night in bed, but there has been a great improvement since I started using the Earthing half sheet. Great concept - great product.
  • If you believe in the power of nature and have done the research, then this is a good investment for you. If you are sceptical, and are hoping for an end all be all cure to your sickness, stop being so mechanistic and change your ways.
  • While I personally haven't noticed a significant difference in my health and wellbeing since purchasing this product, I do notice a sense of calmness and clarity when being in contact with this sheet.
  • Could argue that it's psychological, which it is. You could argue that it's physiological too, which it is. Whatever. The fact is that it does reduce positive electrons and increase blood flow, which can be very beneficial. Bought to help with sleeping after using the wristbands for a season. My wife sleeps well now. Last pregnancy, she couldn't stay in bed all night. Woke up with pain in her arms and numbness. At the same time, we just like it for the general health benefits it provides as well.
  • I can write a review for this gift because I have one myself. My husband and I sleep on an Earthing Half Sheet every night. We love it. We are able to wake up refreshed every morning.
  • I have used grounding products for a few years now. This is the most affordable and widespread way besides being on the earth to ground.
  • First ordered this item at the recommendation of a friend who battles chronic pain/disease. We weren't sure what to expect, but Surprise! the Grounding works! Our daughter hasn't had a seizure since she began using this item, as well! We are not sure why, but it is helping her. We do not know if this helps all seizure activity in everyone, but it has made a real positive change in her life.
  • This is my second Earthing product. If you want to wake up in the morning with less pain and stiffness, then this product is a must. I would also suggest reading "Earthing. The most important health discovery ever. "I am then unaware that EMF is an issue for me for about two years. Sleeping on the grounding sheet I am sleeping an average of seven hours a night.

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