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Understanding how to measure acid load in the body by testing urine and saliva pH. What does it all mean?

ph-balance-chart-body-ph-food-emotions-acid-alkalineFUNCTIONAL AREA – BODY:

FACT – Your body needs to maintain homeostasis with a blood pH of 7.365
FACT – Being healthy is achieved by maintaining balance
FACT – Your body will do whatever it takes to neutralize acid waste
FACT – Your body will leach minerals from bones, teeth and muscles to neutralize acid waste
FACT – Very acidic urine = increased acid load in and on the body
FACT – Ideal urine pH should be between 6.4 and 7.4
FACT – Your first urination of the day should be more acidic and then move up the pH scale
FACT – The pH scale is logarithmic, 7 = neutral, 6 = 10x more acidic, 5 = 100 x more acidic, 4 = 1000 x more acidic
FACT – Saliva pH needs to be neutral – Indication of available body Alkaline Reserves
FACT – In humans the excretory system is responsible for removing acid waste
FACT – The excretory system uses defecation, urination, perspiration and respiration to remove waste
FACT – Exercise eliminates acid in the form of carbon dioxide through respiration
FACT – Our lifestyles, the food we eat and the water we drink increase body acidity
FACT – When we overload our body with acid waste it gets stored around our cells and in our  tissues
FACT – When we are too acidic we become oxygen deficient
FACT – Oxygen deficiency = Less energy (Sick and Tired)
FACT – Acids coagulate blood restricting nutrient and oxygen delivery to cells and organs
FACT – There is a link between excess acid waste and acute oxidative stress / free radicals
FACT – When your stomach has excess acid it takes longer to release food into the small intestine
FACT – The chemical formula of hydrochloric acid production is: H2O + CO2 + NaCl = HCl + NaHCO3
FACT – The more Alkaline you are the healthier you are
FACT – The more Alkaline you are the more available oxygen in the body
FACT – All forms of cancer are characterized by two basic conditions: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen)
FACT – There is a link between body acidity and most diseases
FACT – Free radicals damage cells and eventually organs
FACT – Damaged cells mutate to form cancer
FACT – Tumors are calcified by your body to prevent the tumor from spreading
FACT – Stress causes cancer
FACT – Alkalizing your urine removes more uric acid than acidic urine
FACT – Humans are electrical beings, we run on electrons
FACT – Most of the diseases we get are lifestyle related


FACT – Most doctors don’t consider body pH and nutrition when diagnosing health conditions
FACT – We think that if we are sick we should pop a pill as the solution
FACT – Drugs = Acid Waste
FACT – The Drugs have side effects and sometimes cause other illnesses to develop
FACT – The Journal of the American medical association estimates that over 125000 Americans die each year from FDA approved drugs
FACT – We treat symptoms not the cause, downstream vs. upstream
FACT – There are more cases of cancer than ever before
FACT – There are more cases of diabetes than ever before
FACT – There are more cardiovascular diseases than ever before
FACT – There are more cases of neurodegenerative (brain) diseases than ever before
FACT – There are more cases of Arthritis than ever before
FACT – There are more cases of gout than ever before
FACT – There are more cases of Acid Reflux than ever before
FACT – There are more allergies than ever before
FACT – There are more gastrointestinal disorders than ever before
FACT – There are more cases of high blood pressure than ever before
FACT – There are more cases of high cholesterol than ever before


FACT – Most if not all processed foods, animal protein and dairy are acidic
FACT – Reverse Osmosis, Distilled Water and most Bottled water is acidic
FACT – Most water contains harmful toxins like chlorine and heavy metals
FACT – Most “normal” water is not structured and electrically dead
FACT – The water in your cells is structured and electrically charged
FACT – Smoking and alcohol increases oxidative stress
FACT – Alkaline foods are safe and effective ways to reduce acid load on our body
FACT – Some acidic foods are alkaline forming
FACT – Our bodies are at least 60% water
FACT – 99% of the molecules in our body is water

Based on all these facts it seems logical that we should consider decreasing acid load to prevent disease, increase energy and live long (disease free) lives.

Unfortunately that sounds easier than it seems.

We have developed bad habits that lead to increased acid loads on our bodies. While we are young it is easier to recover from these habits but as you get older, it gets harder and harder to live a balanced lifestyle.

There are cases where our behavior from our earlier lives and choices we made eventually catch up with us 50 years later.

Not only that but the food we eat, the water we drink, our environment and stress add to our acidic load. It almost seems like we will never get ahead and balance our systems.

But there is hope, you can take action today! There are simple effective mechanisms that you can incorporate into your daily lives that will have long term benefits.

What causes Acid Waste?

• Metabolic body functions
• Food
• Water
• Stress
• Vigorous Exercise
• Medications and supplements
• Emotional turmoil
• Air Travel

For a list of acidosis symptoms click here

How to increase body alkalinity

• Eat Alkalizing fruits and Vegetables
• Cut back on processed foods
• Cut back on animal protein
• Stop smoking and misuse of alcohol
• Reduce coffee and tea intake
• Juicing
• Drink green drinks
• Take Alkalizing supplements
• Exercise
• Drink Alkaline Water

The easiest way to monitor your acid load for preventative health is to use pH strips. You can purchase them at most health stores or you can buy them here.

The easiest way to alkalize your body is eat alkaline fruits and vegetables, for a list of alkaline and acidic foods click here. When possible opt for organically grown fruit and vegetables and grass fed or free range meats.

Another simple way to increase body alkalinity is by using a water ionizer. Not only is the water filtered, it also has the following benefits.

1. Increased pH
2. Increased Alkaline Minerals
3. Minerals are bio-available
4. It has a negative charge (ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential), which makes it the smallest and most usable antioxidant in the world by donating electrons to free radicals
5. It is structured and able to donate electrons to our bodies – see below comparison between tap and ionized water

To see what leading scientist, inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil says about Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water click here

For a list of scientific research and studies click here

To see what ionizers we have available, click here

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