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Water Alkaline Ionizers

A Water Ionizer is the best investment you will ever make. Not only will it help you improve the quality of your health and lifestyle, but it has so many other benefits - it also pays for itself.

What is a Water Ionizer?

There are two kinds of Water Ionizers - Mineral Water Ionizers and Electric Water Ionizers, and our option of Bottled Alkaline Water. Although Mineral Water Ionizers have become popular because of price, they are not the same as water produced by an Electric Water Ionizer, i.e. our best Electric Water Ionizer product being the "Chanson Water Ionizer".

1. Mineral Water Ionizer

Mineral Water Ionizer - typically magnesium based, can increase the pH by 1 to 2 points from source. It will produce a negative ORP (Antioxidant Potential) of between -50 to -300. A positive number indicates oxidative or free radical potential. It does not require electricity and is a great way to get introduced to Alkaline Water.

2. Electric Water Ionizer

Electric Water Ionizer - these devices use electrolysis to transform water with dissolved salts into "the fountain of youth." Electric Water Ionizers will allow you to create different strengths of both Alkaline and Acidic Water, with a potential range of 2 pH - 12 pH. "Chanson Water Ionizers" on the other hand are the Gold standard of ionisation.