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About Us

We are committed to bringing you the best quality products at the best possible price, with the best service too.



Designer Water is a visionary and innovative company, committed to bringing one of the greatest health discoveries in the last 100 years to South Africa.

Our vision is to create a world that is healthier, illness and disease free. With our Alkaline Water produced by our Water Ionizers, we believe that we are much closer to achieving that goal. We stock the largest range of true Alkaline Water and Water Ionizer products in Africa. We also provide a full range of Alkaline bottled products - from 330ml to 5 litre BPA free bottles. Everything we do starts from the principle of be healthy and you will have a  WIN/WIN situation.

Why water?

Because we want to be the most successful water and health company in Africa, by "Making a difference." If you did not know, "MAD" in our slogan stands for "Making A Difference".

Yes, we want to make a difference and have a 'Yes' attitude to helping our clients improve their health and have quality lives, supporting them with a WIN/WIN.

Do you want to know why we say our water is way better than tap/regular water or other purified water, read here

Our future and longevity

We aim to be the leading provider of high quality, lifestyle improving products and services in South Africa. Due to our rapid growth, we have experienced since inception, we are in the process of transforming into a entity with different divisions such as health, lifestyle, air purification, water purification, testing equipment and water.

Designer Water CEO, John Thompson

"Imagine being able to drink water that hydrates and detoxifies your body better than “regular” water, that helps increase immunity and fight off disease? The reality is that there are lots of “health” and “enhanced” waters out there that promise to hydrate you and improve your quality of life, but the sad reality is that most don’t deliver.

The media says that everyone should drink up to 8 glasses of water per day regardless of body weight, fitness or health level, and water expenditure. They will also tell you that all waters are equal, but this is simply not true. The water produced by our machines is superior to "regular water" in every single way! But most importantly;

  1. Our water is Alkaline, so it helps to remove acid from your body
  2. Our water is an Antioxidant which has anti-inflammatory benefits. This helps to reduce pain and gives you an energy boost.
  3. Our water is Micro-clustered which helps to hydrate you and your cells better than any other water
  4. Our water is High in bio-available minerals

This is the same water that took me from 28 pages of medical aid claims (4.5 years), to just over 1 (3.5 years) and saved me 10's of 1000's of rand in medical expenses. That doesn't take into account future longevity and my overall health and quality of life that has drastically improved. Every time I see clients of mine that I haven't seen for more than 3 months they tell me I look younger."